Developing Growth Mindsets in Students

Most educators are not aware that almost 75% of achievement is a product of psychological skills and a mere 25% is due to actual IQ. The development of skills such as perseverance, resiliency, grit, emotional regulation, and optimism is vital, so they need to be deliberately taught, modeled and promoted in the classroom. Many just [...]

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Achieve Success with “I DON’T CARE” Students

Everyone wants to know how to reach their students who are apathetic, unmotivated, underperforming, and claim to not care about school. This seminar is designed to provide successful strategies that you can use in your classroom and school to make positive changes in these challenging students. We may become frustrated with the numbers of students [...]

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Respectful Discipline For Parents

Misbehavior has a natural place in a child's life. It is the way he/she learns about the world. Once parents realize that their child's misbehavior is healthy and purposeful, they can approach discipline as a teaching process rather than a punishing one. Are your children's arguments and fights driving you crazy? Do you have a [...]

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Inspiring the Unmotivated

Are you tired of disrespectful, irresponsible behaviors from your students? Are you seeing an increase of apathetic, unresponsive acts? Are you noticing too many bored expressions and a lack of initiative, motivation and follow-through? Are you fed up with students acting, talking and thinking like victims without taking responsibility for their own behaviors? If so, [...]

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A Check Up From the Neck Up

With increasing self-esteem comes improvement in academic performance which, in turn, enhances self-esteem. Further, above-average levels of self-esteem are associated positively with better adjustment, more independence, less defensive and deviant behavior, and greater social effectiveness and acceptance of others. A healthy self-esteem motivates kids to be outgoing, and to act in their own best interest [...]

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Own Your Anger

"My Life is in the hands of any fool who 'makes' me lose my temper." - J Hunter Poorly handled anger can undermine self-esteem and lead to feeling powerless. This assembly helps students differentiate between angry feelings and angry behavior. Students realize that they are responsible for their own anger and how they choose to [...]

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Helping Students Deal With Angry Feelings

It is difficult to listen, learn or love when you are feeling angry. When children are unable to appropriately deal with their anger and the circumstances that caused it, they become victims and are controlled by the people or situation that made them angry. They do not take responsibility for their actions and never really [...]

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Homework Without Tears Workshop

If you are exhausted from the long nightly battles with your child about doing homework then this workshop is for you. Learn how to get your child to spend less time arguing about homework and more time doing it. Homework Without Tears for parents offers simple, practical ideas so that parents can effectively improve their [...]

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Constructive Criticism. Is There Such A Thing?

Many of us grew up being told that we did wrong, not what we did right. We often treat our children the way we were treated, continuing a destructive pattern that breeds resentment and misbehavior. This seminar provides you with strategies to address your child's behavior while keeping his/her confidence and self-esteem intact. Do your [...]

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