MaryAnn offers a wide array of workshops and seminars that can be customized for your school or district.
Whatever your specific staff development needs might be, I can offer your school or district a unique, customized learning experience that will fit your immediate, short-term or long-term needs. Please contact me for a quote, and together let’s make a difference in the lives of educators and students.


Reset your Mindset: Increase the Possibility of Success 
Most educators are not aware that almost 75% of achievement is a product of psychological skills and a mere 25% is due to actual IQ.

Reducing Recurring Behavior for Disruptive Students
This seminar provides teachers with tools, insights and encouragement which will empower […]

Breakthrough Attitudes of “I Don’t Care” Students
Everyone wants to know how to reach their students who are apathetic, […]

Mindfulness in the Classroom, Reduce Student Anxiety and Increase Attention
We often live our lives on auto-pilot, going through the motions without really thinking about what we’re doing, otherwise known as mindlessness. When we’re in this state of being, we’re not our best selves.

Act instead of React: Managing Strong Emotions in the Classroom
80% of classroom problems are caused by 10 % of students who […]

Creating a Trauma Sensitive Classroom
Students exposed to trauma and adversity may have difficulty […]

Kids Pushing Your Buttons?
It is difficult to learn or teach when you are feeling angry. […]

Classroom Management – Back to Basics
The goal of the seminar is to demonstrate how to set up […]

Dealing with Difficult Parents
Classroom teachers have discovered that not only do they need classroom management […]


Helping Students Deal with Angry Feelings
It is difficult to listen, learn or love when you are feeling […]

Homework Without Tears Workshop
If you are exhausted from the long nightly battles with your child […]

Respectful Discipline for Parents
Misbehavior has a natural place in a child’s life. It is the […]

Developing Growth Mindsets in Children

When parents are asked what they wish for their children […]


A Check Up From the Neck Up
With increasing self-esteem comes improvement in academic performance which, in turn, enhances […]

Own Your Anger
“My Life is in the hands of any fool who ‘makes’ me […]

How to Handle Teasing
Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will break my […]