Everyone wants to know how to reach their students who are apathetic, unmotivated, underperforming, and claim to not care about school. This seminar is designed to provide successful strategies that you can use in your classroom and school to make positive changes in these challenging students. We may become frustrated with the numbers of students who have “checked out,” because we know the symptoms, but don’t always know the solutions. The good news is that there is hope and there are strategies to begin a change in the cycle of helplessness these students get caught up in.

  • How to maintain your enthusiasm and energy while teaching apathetic students
  • Learn what is really behind the words of “I don’t care”
  • Begin creating small successes
  • Discover why contracts and rewards don’t work with “I don’t care” students
  • Pitfalls of behavior plans and how to revise them to work
  • Develop positive relationships with underperforming students
  • Discover how to replace judgment with compassion
  • Learn specific strategies to adjust your responses to help guide students toward their own behavior change
  • Learn how to address negative self-destructive behaviors
  • Numerous relationship/team building ideas you can easily incorporate
  • Help students reframe negative thoughts and perceptions

Here’s what participants are saying about this seminar:

“One of the best seminars I have ever attended. I am leaving feeling empowered and want to help my ‘I don’t care’ students even more!” – P. Treus Foreign Language Teacher

“MaryAnn is a bundle of energy. She made the time fly! I am leaving with many concrete strategies and feel confident that I can meet the needs of my struggling learners.” – T. Plyem Elementary Teacher