Developing Growth Mindsets in Students

Most educators are not aware that almost 75% of achievement is a product of psychological skills and a mere 25% is due to actual IQ. The development of skills such as perseverance, resiliency, grit, emotional regulation, and optimism is vital, so they need to be deliberately taught, modeled and promoted in the classroom. Many just [...]

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Achieve Success with “I DON’T CARE” Students

Everyone wants to know how to reach their students who are apathetic, unmotivated, underperforming, and claim to not care about school. This seminar is designed to provide successful strategies that you can use in your classroom and school to make positive changes in these challenging students. We may become frustrated with the numbers of students [...]

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Respectful Discipline in the Classroom

This seminar provides teachers with tools, insights and encouragement which will empower them to create a safe learning environment. It is filled with concrete, proven-effective techniques and ready-to-use tools for managing all classroom behavior. Teachers will learn specific and realistic strategies for setting up a prevention-based discipline system that is designed to head off most [...]

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