MaryAnn Brittingham makes an impact with her Seminars and Workshops

MaryAnn was a great presenter! Very funny and full of great information to take back to the classroom. She gave good insight as to why students might behave the way they do. She reminded us our job is to teach, encourage, motivate and not judge.

Trista Castellaneta, Librarian – Malverne, NY

Just a wonderful reminder of why I chose to be a is draining and we have so much to do, but it is so worth it if we can help one student have a better life

M. DiNovo – Reading Specialist – Naperville, IL

This was an amazing seminar! My school nominated me to attend this workshop and I am glad they did. This has given me more tools to apply in my classroom as well as share with the faculty. This reinforces why I enjoy teaching and continue to build good rapport with my students. The presentation was great and the videos were funny but also effective. Thank you MaryAnn Brittingham for this awesome seminar!


Prezley Adair – Social Studies Teacher – Franklin, NH

Brittingham is incredibly engaging. I feel like I can begin implementing strategies I learned today in my classes tomorrow. This seminar helped me re-find the value of this profession and has inspired me to have a much more positive attitude in teaching and in life.

Lauren Wozniak, English Teacher, Roselle, IL

This has been the best class that I have attended. It was good to see the results of things I currently do, and better to learn about new ways to do something that will leave an everlasting impression on a student’s life. I have learned to change my mindset.

Edith Cooper, Science Teacher, Columbus, OH

Presenter was especially dynamic and content was practical and informative. A+! The audience participation and role-playing were highlights. 

Marie Reinard, 8th grade teacher, Upper Deerfield, New Jersey

MaryAnn is an excellent presenter. She is knowledgeable about the topic and uses specific examples of problems that teachers face in dealing with some parents. Superior presentations skill – involving the participants and using humor.

Eileen Cambria , Assistant Principal, Liberty Corner, New Jersey

I came to this seminar feeling frustrated and stressed. I left feeling refreshed and confident. MaryAnn is a highly motivating and knowledgeable speaker. I am anxious to try the strategies. 

Jeffery De Porzio, Special Ed, High School, Ellwood City, PA

MaryAnn is an uplifting, refreshing voice for the education community. Her advice extends far into all areas of life and can be used for all relationships in life. Her energy is infectious.

Elena Van Lieshourt, Language Arts Teacher, Olympia Fields, IL

Wow! A seminar that really delivered practical strategies I can use tomorrow. After teaching 14 years it is exciting to get so many new wonderful ideas and see a new perspective in one day. MaryAnn is an excellent speaker! Best conference I can remember attending!  

Kanda Krummins, High School teacher – Redford, MI

I loved MaryAnn’s sense of humor! It made today’s workshop even more effective. Her “ready to use tomorrow techniques” and strategies have given me renewed hope. Thank you so very much for your knowledge and professionalism.

Christine McDevitt 5th grade teacher, Springfield IL

One of the best seminars I have ever attended. Your passion and knowledge is awesome. You have made we want to not only be a better teacher, but a better husband and father. 

Jim Campbell, At Risk Teacher, Harrisonville, MO