This seminar provides teachers with tools, insights and encouragement which will empower them to create a safe learning environment. It is filled with concrete, proven-effective techniques and ready-to-use tools for managing all classroom behavior. Teachers will learn specific and realistic strategies for setting up a prevention-based discipline system that is designed to head off most challenging discipline problems before they develop.

Respectful Discipline is for classroom teachers of all grade levels. It is organized and contains many practical examples. The goal is to maximize teaching time and minimize time spent disciplining. Society has changed and so have the youth we work with in schools. Our jobs as teachers have become increasingly more difficult as students’ behaviors are more demanding than ever. There is not any one approach that will work for all students all the time. Therefore, the goal of this workshop is to provide teachers with a variety of tools so they are equipped to handle a variety of different students with different behaviors. My goal is to help teachers become proactive in the classroom rather than reactive. Educators will leave this workshop with new tools, sharpened old tools, and renewed enthusiasm for teaching. Spend more time teaching, less time disciplining.

  • Practical approaches to help students become accountable and responsible for their own behavior
  • Proactive ideas to avoid potential discipline problems
  • Practical strategies to create a calm, respectful classroom atmosphere
  • Staying calm, cool and collected while working with a disrespectful student
  • Identify your response style
  • Skills to avoid turning conversations into arguments
  • Alternatives to yelling
  • Techniques to address attention seekers and power students
  • Using encouragement to inspire students
  • Learn to handle students’ manipulation techniques
  • Understand the difference between interventions and consequences
  • Implementing consequences
  • Framing choices
  • Dealing with, “It’s not fair!”