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Inspiring the Unmotivated

Are you tired of disrespectful, irresponsible behaviors from your students? Are you seeing an increase of apathetic, unresponsive acts? Are you noticing too many bored expressions and a lack of initiative, motivation and follow-through? Are you fed up with students acting, talking and thinking like victims without taking responsibility for their own behaviors? If so, [...]

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Managing Strong Emotions in the Classroom

80% of classroom problems are caused by 10 % of students who challenge and undermine teacher authority. This seminar will address RTI tier three behaviors. A small percentage of students generally does not respond to either schoolwide or targeted prevention and intervention efforts. Due to trauma,these are usually students who experience severe or chronic problem [...]

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Kids Pushing Your Buttons?

It is difficult to learn or teach when you are feeling angry. When students  and teachers are unable to appropriately deal with their anger and the circumstances that caused it, they become victims and are controlled by the people or situations that made them angry. They do not take responsibility for their actions and never [...]

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Classroom Management – Back to Basics

The goal of the seminar is to demonstrate how to set up a win-win classroom environment where both students and teachers can get their needs met. This seminar provides realistic suggestions for effectively managing a classroom, and is filled with a wealth of powerful tools for teachers to use immediately. This seminar is an enjoyable mixture [...]

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Dealing with Difficult Parents

Classroom teachers have discovered that not only do they need classroom management skills, they also need parent management skills to survive in teaching. A majority of parents are supportive, helpful and realistic, but there are a few that can be unreasonably demanding and even threatening toward teachers. No single strategy will work for all situations. [...]

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