Are you tired of disrespectful, irresponsible behaviors from your students? Are you seeing an increase of apathetic, unresponsive acts? Are you noticing too many bored expressions and a lack of initiative, motivation and follow-through? Are you fed up with students acting, talking and thinking like victims without taking responsibility for their own behaviors? If so, this seminar is for you! THERE IS HOPE AND THERE ARE SOLUTIONS! You will learn how to move your most challenging students from defiance and noncompliance to productive and engaged learners. You’ll learn strategies to help your students increase their respectful, responsible behaviors and you’ll come away with strategies to successfully deal with the negative behavior you wish to eliminate when it does occur.

MaryAnn will share successful techniques and teaching strategies to utilize with hard‑to‑reach students to motivate them to succeed in school. You will learn a wide variety of proven strategies to prevent power struggles, increase self-motivation and help students build positive and productive relationships.

Topics include:
  • Help students own their behaviors rather than disown them with excuses and blaming
  • Ways to develop a desire for achievement
  • How to deal with a student who says, “I don’t care”
  • Techniques for eliminating learned helplessness
  • Respond effectively to “I can’t” language and actions
  • What to say and what not to say to unmotivated, underachieving students
  • Strategies for building connectedness and feelings of belonging in your classroom
  • How to build a trusting relationship with challenging students
  • Identify the underlying issues
  • Learn to hear the real meaning behind the words/behavior
  • Discover how mindsets helps and hurts us and our students