///Managing Strong Emotions in the Classroom

80% of classroom problems are caused by 10 % of students who challenge and undermine teacher authority. This seminar will address RTI tier three behaviors. A small percentage of students generally does not respond to either schoolwide or targeted prevention and intervention efforts. Due to trauma,these are usually students who experience severe or chronic problem behavior that regularly affects the ability to learn in a school environment, both their own learning and that of their peers. Students at the intensive level generally require a great deal of time, energy and skill. This seminar aims to go beyond management skills and deep into therapeutic skills in the hope to make lasting change.

  • The impact of chronic stress and traumatic events in the lives of young people
  • The brain’s role in driving repetitive and predictable patterns of self-defeating behavior
  • Helping kids bring language to emotion and gain insight into their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
  • Staying calm, cool and collected while working with a disrespectful student
  • How to deal with insults from students
  • Step out of the Conflict Cycle
  • Effective defusing and listening skills
  • The six most common patterns of self-defeating behavior
  • How to conduct a complete Red Flag reclaiming intervention
  • How to keep a positive attitude while working with defiant students

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