Misbehavior has a natural place in a child’s life. It is the way he/she learns about the world. Once parents realize that their child’s misbehavior is healthy and purposeful, they can approach discipline as a teaching process rather than a punishing one.

Are your children’s arguments and fights driving you crazy? Do you have a strong-willed child? Are you feeling exhausted, frustrated, or angry with problem behaviors such as teasing, tattling, back-talk, sassy talk, temper tantrums, or refusal to do chores?

This workshop will teach you key principles that will help you control your reactions to your child’s behaviors. It will provide you with skills to be more effective in disciplining and teaching your child. The goal is to raise self-confident, well-behaved children.

  • Why children misbehave
  • How to be proactive rather than reactive
  • Parents response styles (passive, hostile, calm)
  • Kindness and firmness
  • Positive time out
  • Guidelines for consequences
  • Common manipulations
  • Importance of encouragement