Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will break my heart.

Parents and teachers spend a great deal of time dealing with the issue of teasing. Adults often tell children to just ignore the teasing. This is hard for a child to do because they do not feel that they stood up for themselves. This seminar will provide new ideas on how to handle teasing. The techniques taught will empower children to handle teasing on their own and be able to walk away with their self-esteem intact.

  • How does Stinkin’Thinkin’ affect your response to teasing
  • Why do kids tease?
  • Who has your remote control? **
  • “Comebacks” to teasing that are not hurtful
  • Stay cool under fire

This assembly is the follow-up to Checkup from Neck Up. Remote control – represents the self-control we have over our emotions and not letting others “push our buttons”.

Time: 45 minutes

Grade: 2-5