A Check Up From the Neck Up

A Check Up From the Neck Up2018-02-11T16:05:45+00:00

With increasing self-esteem comes improvement in academic performance which, in turn, enhances self-esteem. Further, above-average levels of self-esteem are associated positively with better adjustment, more independence, less defensive and deviant behavior, and greater social effectiveness and acceptance of others. A healthy self-esteem motivates kids to be outgoing, and to act in their own best interest in school and with friends, while an unhealthy self-esteem often leads to self-destructive behavior, lower grades and loss of friendships.

How do you raise self-esteem?

Students can start by changing the negative self-talk in their head. This program will help students take control of that inner voice and learn realistic strategies for improving self-esteem. TOPICS DISCUSSED:
  • What is self-esteem? Why is it important?
  • How big is your I.A.L.A.C.* sign?
  • How does Stinkin’ Thinkin’ affect your:
  • Energy Level
  • School work
  • Friendships
  • Success

For grades 2- 5

45- 50 minutes

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