Many of us grew up being told that we did wrong, not what we did right. We often treat our children the way we were treated, continuing a destructive pattern that breeds resentment and misbehavior. This seminar provides you with strategies to address your child’s behavior while keeping his/her confidence and self-esteem intact.

Do your words get the results you want? Without realizing it many adults destroy a child’s creativity and confidence through criticism. Their intent is to help or correct, but the result is resentment and failure. Criticism becomes so habitual that many adults are virtually unaware they are doing it. This seminar will give you more effective ways to criticize without shaming or blaming.

  • The purpose of criticism
  • The long term results of destructive criticism
  • Three steps to handling destructive criticism from your parents
  • Guidelines to giving constructive criticism
  • How to listen to your child’s concerns
  • Hearing the real meaning behind the message
  • Expressing your concerns so they can be heard and acted upon